Pledge: Urban / Ruin: (pre order STL File)


Pre Order Item! Delivery time is March - April 2018

Pre Order Price (later 14,95 €)

10,00 €

You will get all files to print many different Bases in Graveyard Design.
Delivered in downloadable .stl file format for your 3D Home printer.

This set include: 
Minimum of 5-10 different designs in small sizes bases (20, 25,30 & 32mm Bases) 
Minimum of 2-3 different designs in medium sizes bases (40 & 50mm Bases) 
It comes with sqaure bases 20 x 20mm, 25 x 25mm, 25 x 50mm, 40 x 40 mm and 50 x50 mm. and round bases 20mm, 25mm, 25 x 70mm, 30mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm and lipround bases 30mm, 40mm and 50mm.

Total Bases: over 55 Bases are included

Here is example of many different bases (here the rock / Stone bases):

Minimum printbed needed is 10 x 10 cm and 10 cm high. 

If you need a printed Version, please write us a email.

All files are not for commercial use!

Pre Order Item! Delivery time is March - April 2018

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